Clara Sue Coleman



The world is a magical place; the meditation of art-making opens my inner eye to its mystery.

I aim to reveal the inner heart of beauty in being, to entice engagement within the spirit.  My paintings and pottery invite the viewer to pause, to explore, to notice.

When I paint, it takes a lot of slow looking to see the layers of color that form our vision.  I have to be centered, patient, and focused so that my inner eye opens and then the world glitters and glows with light and story; it is my wish that the viewer lingers in that light and story.  With clay, each object is shaped by hand and provides trails for the user to explore:  tracks of making invite touch; glaze and decoration attract the eye.

I am inspired by the natural world; a student of slow, patient looking and of the creative act as an expression of reverence and prayer; a seeker of the quiet places of the world and of the heart.